Photos – Kendall Jenner And Anwar Hadid Hang Out – Could KJ Be Dating Gigi And Bella’s Brother?!

Supermodel Kendall Jenner — who’s 20 — was hanging with Anwar Hadid — who’s 17! — on Sunday, along with some other pals, such as Tyler the Creator, at Barnes and Noble in Calabasas.

No doubt, they had been all stocking up on Shakespeare and Proust, enjoying their lollipops and seeking forward to the guide club studying they have been about to do back at Kendall’s crib.

Anyway — so Gigi and Bella’s younger brother Anwar is also a model, a hottie and cool enough to hang with Kendall and her pals.

and perhaps amazing sufficient to date the “it” lady? We feel so! How did this random group end up collectively? Do you feel Tyler the Creator sent a mass text and was like, “Hey, y’all — who would like to go to Barnes & Noble on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon?”

On the other hand this motley crew acquired with each other, it seems like there could surely be something going on between Kendall and Anwar: Exhibit A — if you notice in our pictures, Anwar is carrying Kendall’s keys (the pink pompom is tough to miss) and men and women let boyfriends (not buddies) drive their cars.

Exhibit B: we spied Kendall’s Instagram from a few weeks back in which she claimed “dibs” on Anwar. HELLO, THIS IS Occurring.