Kylie Jenner wears du-rag to NYFW, prompts Twitter backlash for cultural appropriation

Wouldn’t you know it, Kylie Jenner wore a du-rag to New York Style Week, giving supporters and casual observers an chance to remind her that cultural appropriation is a point, that she’s undertaking it and also that she ought to cease, please. Jenner was photographed sitting front-row at Jonathan Simkhai’s Spring 2017 demonstrate in New York City on Saturday, in a white bandeau / embellished Canadian tuxedo ensemble, which she topped off with a du-rag.

The teen entrepreneur and social media celebrity posted photographs of her du-rag-and-denim-playsuit-clad self to Snapchat.

in which she promptly rekindled cries of cultural appropriation. “WOW.

AM I THE ONLY Person MAD THAT KYLE JENNER HAS ON A DU-RAG?” a single user a sked — most likely rhetorically, mainly because this is Twitter we’re talking about. WOW. AM I THE ONLY Person MAD THAT KYLIE JENNER HAS ON A DU-RAG? And indeed, the social media site grew to become a sea of rolling eyes as consumers vented their annoyance and aggravation with Jenner, who just isn’t going to appear to understand.

Kylie Jenner wearing that du rag like she’s the new Rachel Dolezal Practically misplaced it when I seen Kylie Jenner in a du-rag. Sis pls have numerous seats. because blackness is a costume RT @ASAPcourt. so why is Kylie Jenner wearing a du-rag?

gimme 3 excellent good reasons why you are sporting a du rag @KylieJenner. do not fret, i will wait. So, allow me guess.

There’s about to be an article, in white publications, produced about how Kylie Jenner manufactured rocking a du-rag a new trend.

This is not the 1st time Jenner has attracted criticism for wearing a du-rag. nor is it the initial time she’s fielded accusations of cultural appropriation. At the final NYFW, her Yaki ponytail had many individuals shaking their heads, and then there is her ongoing and problematic enjoy affair with cornrows.

Jenner does not seem to be oblivious to the uproar. In August, she not only expanded her ridiculously popular Lip Kit line to include things like nude shades for darker skin tones. but also enlisted black models to display them off. Her followers responded with an enthusiastic thanks for finally highlighting the elegance of black capabilities on black females.

It would appear that Jenner, in some methods, will get it, or is at least starting to. Perhaps.

But then why is she back at it with the du-rag?