This Really Fired up Kid Got an Interview With Kanye West—For 9 Seconds

What transpires when you get the possibility to interview one particular of the largest celebrities in the globe? Do you freeze up? Do you panic? Not this younger superfan at Disneyland earlier this week.

It’s unclear how he ended up on a carousel with the hip-hop star.

vogue designer and future presidential candidate. but he certainly was not going to waste his shot at asking the crucial queries of the prophet of our age. “Kanye West, the boy!” he begins.

Meanwhile, off-camera, you can hear a voice that might be his mom imploring him to get going.

But he’s established to make the most of his moment with West, who grins extensively during the brief exchange. “How — how did you compose ‘I Really like Kanye?”

the child asks. “I just believed about what I loved,” West responds. “, the man!” he sums it up. Certainly. View the total clip below — if only to expertise the unfiltered mutual euphoria of the fan and the star.