Scott Disick Reveals Heartbreaking Reason He Skipped Kanye West’s Style Present

Khloe Kardashian attempted her best to bring Scott Disick back into the household this week on ‘KUWTK,’ but speedily grew to become annoyed with him — and it was truly rather unhappy!

For the duration of the June eight episode of Retaining Up with the Kardashians. Scott Disick unveiled to Khloe Kardashian why he genuinely felt unpleasant going to Kanye West ‘s fashion present — and that the complete household jumped to assumptions that he didn’t go due to the fact he was out partying. We saw Kourtney yell at Scott after he skipped the display — and now we know why he did.

He in fact advised Khloe he was anxious about going to Kanye’s NYFW display since he didn’t want to search “like a tag-along” who was chasing his all around his “old family members.” “I did not want every person assuming we’re back with each other,” Scott additional, prompting Khloe to joke that alternatively, absolutely everyone just assumed she and Lamar Odom were. Regardless, it definitely began Khloe obtaining to contemplating about Scott and feeling bad assuming he was just partying rather.

So, she invited him to the large birthday dinner the family members held for the late Robert Kardashian.
Nevertheless, for the duration of dinner he felt super unpleasant and admitted it was difficult for him being about Kourtney considering that he wasn’t positive how to just there with out currently being romantic with her. He was super standoffish, which annoyed Khloe — and when he later posted a photograph promoting an upcoming Vegas appearance, she flipped out. “I want to punch him in the f–king jugular,” she advised Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. incorporating that she was annoyed he wasn’t generating an energy, even though she was.

But we all know Khoe’s not one to maintain to herself — so she later on confronted Scott. It was fairly sad once again, simply because he attempted explaining he was depressed and it was hard for him to sit with Kourtney and be with her without becoming with her, following they have been collectively for so prolonged. Even so, she allow him know that the family members wanted him to be component of it– which undoubtedly appeared to support. “I’d rather be there and have that minor bit of sadness than not be there at all,” he said at the end.

Aww, we enjoy that he’s even now portion of the family! He did move proper down the street form the loved ones to be closer — certainly generating an energy.