This mashup proves even SpongeBob misses the old Kanye often

As history teaches time and yet again, just because some thing can be completed doesn’t often mean that it must be completed. Present technology makes facile, for instance, the aural intermingling of Kanye West’s relentlessly self-referencing “I Miss The Old Kanye” from The Daily life Of Pablo and the ukulele-tinged closing theme from Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants. But should such a thing be completed? In this case, the reply happily is yes. These two compositions were made for every other, as demonstrated by a remix artist who self-identifies as ASADI. His YouTube account describes his sound as “Persian trap music,” but “SpongeBob, Meet Kanye West” is well outdoors that purview. A modest, 48-2nd video showing ASADI’s method in producing the mashup with his trusty Maschine groovebox has presently captured some focus on Reddit.
For those who are not as interested in how the track came collectively but just want to take pleasure in the music on its personal, ASADI has posted an audio-only version of “SpongeBob, Meet Kanye West” to his SoundCloud account.
Both tracks benefit from this harmonious if unlikely marriage.

The SpongeBob closing theme, previously a cheerful if directionless instrumental, gains a new sense of urgency and function in this mashup. And the West track is ultimately provided an opportunity to chill out and stretch its limbs in the carefree tropical paradise that is Bikini Bottom. The hardworking song, in other phrases, has been given a much-essential vacation. And, please, no jokes about West getting a gay fish.
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