Kris Jenner Wants to Modify Her Title Back to Kris Kardashian

What’s in a identify?

In a deleted scene from the Sunday, May possibly 22, episode of Maintaining Up With the Kardashians,Kris Jenner tells  Kardashian that she is preparing for a main moniker modify. The E! series clip demonstrates Jenner, 60, telling her daughter, 31, that she refers to herself as “Kris Kardashian” when she can make restaurant reservations. The reality Television staple finalized her divorce from the late Robert Kardashian in March 1991 and married Bruce Jenner a month later.

When Khloé points out that her legal last name is Jenner, the momager replies, “I’m going to modify my name back to Kardashian. … I was that prior to you had been that.

I was the authentic Kardashian.” A startled Khloé asks, “Don’t you think that’s insulting to your two daughters?”

And Jenner fires back, “If Bruce can change his title to Caitlyn. I think I’m great.” This is not the first time the cookbook author has voiced this strategy.

Jenner described on a earlier Maintaining Up episode — back when she was nevertheless married to Bruce — that she was contemplating shifting her title to Kardashian. Trying to keep Up With the Kardashians airs on E! Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.