You Have to See the Severe Shade Blac Chyna Just Threw to the Kardashians

Never consider for a minute that pregnancy is slowing Blac Chyna down. The quickly-to-be Mrs.

Kardashian has been trying to keep up a regular itinerary of club appearances, boss moves and, of course, throwing shade.

The lash entrepreneur certainly had the last laugh when it came to the drama between her and the Kardashians by announcing that she’s pregnant with Rob Kardashian ‘s child, but that didn’t stop her from taking a tiny dig at her future in-laws while out and about on Sunday.

Chyna posted a Snapchat of herself at a nail salon on Sunday afternoon rocking a comfy-hunting oversized denim jacket. When she turned all around, however, she revealed the write-up of clothes had a stunning graphic of her encounter and an fascinating message emblazoned on the back. “How dope is this! Thank you so considerably! That’ll teach them.

That’ll absolutely teach them,” Chyna explained by way of thanking whomever sent her the customized piece.

The move makes it clear that Chyna is relishing in her main “win” above the Kardashians right after she was chewed up and spit out by the family members following her breakup with and his subsequent relationship with Kylie Jenner (who, incidentally, are now broken up). And why should not she? The mom-to-be pulled off a single of the greatest trolls in contemporary historical past, so isn’t going to she deserve to appreciate it a minor? Check out how Chyna strategies to cash in on her new fame — and new title! — with BET Breaks above.