Kanye West Hit With a $two.five Million Lawsuit Above ‘New Slaves’Sample

Though Yeezus was launched in 2013, Kanye West has been served a lawsuit with regards to 1 of the LP’s polarizing song, “New Slaves.” In accordance to TMZ.

Hungarian composer Gabor Presser is suing Yeezy for sampling his song for “New Slaves” without having his permission.

In his suit, Presser claims that West asked him permission to use his song with the comprehending that a formal deal would be worked out. Even though Presser acquired a $10,000 advance he did not cash the verify.

Three 12 months later, Presser hasn’t witnessed any royalties from the Yeezus album and he’s seeking for his funds. The composer is seeking $two.5 million in compensatory damages.

Right after listening to the two songs, it appears like Presser has a case and ‘Ye far better have his checkbook ready. Attorneys for Kanye West had no comment on the matter.

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source theboombox.com