Kendall Jenner Encourages Her Followers to Skip Prom Just Like She Did

Kendall Jenner may possibly not have attended her higher school prom, but she has zero regrets about it. The reality star–turned–fashion model took to her website and app to allow supporters know that they could nonetheless get pleasure from a enjoyable night with no possessing to shell out tons of money for the big college dance. “Sooo, I am not confident if you knew this about me, but I did not go to prom,” Jenner’s post began. “I come to feel like – what ever, it truly is not that big of a deal! You’re not going to regret it the rest of your daily life, I can promise you that.

If you’re paying the night alone, study on for 3 choices that are totally memorable and enjoyable!” “Why not use the excuse to veg out in your comfies with traditional HS flicks and homemade pizza?”

Jenner, 20, asks while encouraging her followers to “veg out,” eating pizza in sweats. (Wait, we weren’t supposed to be performing that currently?) Jenner also notes that Estée Lauder has “a ton of amazing options for a luxurious evening of pampering.

To prime off this evening of beauty, get your glow from the within with a small meditation music, too. Sooo comforting. And Jenner recommends skipping the normal prom corsages and purchasing your very own stems. “Getting Yourself flowers can often come to feel like even a lot more of a gift than when an individual else does it,” she writes. “Arranging them is also this kind of a cool inventive outlet” – as is “a a single-female dance celebration.” She concludes, “Just keep in mind, you embracing your ‘own thing’ is rather much the most appealing trait a girl can have. No matter what you do this weekend, have a blast!” Retaining Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!