APNewsBreak: Man sues Kanye West, Tidal, above new album

He factors out that a few days following the task was launched, Kanye announced on Twitter that it would in no way be for sale and that it would not be offered on Apple Music, only Tidal. A legal for the claimant told Pitchfork: “Mr. Baker-Rhett believes that superstars are required to stick to the very same principles as everyone else”. The lawsuit also lists a company owned by rapper Jay Z, who controls Tidal and enlisted leading musicians including West to encourage the support, as a defendant.

Baker-Rhett needs a judge to force the firm to delete information of users who signed up strictly for TLOP Though West has broken his guarantees about his album’s availability, he is unlikely to go back on his vow that it won’t be released as a bodily record or CD. In producing these tiny teeny-weeny lies of omission, the business earned about $84 million USA, and has collected hundreds of thousands of people’s credit score card info and personalized data.

Attorneys for Kanye West, Jay Z and Tidal had no comment on the matter.