Cruz Offers ‘Common Sense’Response to Caitlyn Jenner’s Critiques Relating to Transgender Bathroom Laws

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, exactly where host Jake Tapper asked him to react to transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner’s critique that his objections to transgender folks getting allowed to use whichever bathroom they want is unfounded.
Jenner was in New York City this week, in which the reality Television star participated in a New York Times Q&A on transgender issues and visited the Trump Tower to test and see if a transgender woman could use the woman’s restroom. The former Olympian and father of 6 recorded a video of the bathroom experiment. “Thank you, Donald. I genuinely enjoy it,” Jenner informed the camera soon after exiting the ladies’ space. “And by the way Ted, no one acquired molested.” Even though Jenner, a Republican, claims to side with Cruz on most political and economic troubles, the two stand on opposite sides of the debate over so-referred to as “bathroom bills” that need individuals to use the public restrooms and modifying services that correspond to their biological sex, regardless of how they identify. When asked earlier this week about the security considerations that a lot of, like Cruz, have voiced about sexual predators making use of the guise of transgenderism as a signifies of abusing females and children, Jenner explained that this matter need to not be included in the debate. “That is towards the law,” Jenner advised Times reporter Nicholas Kristof. “It’s previously on the books.” Cruz advised Tapper Sunday that he will not be changing his stance. “In my view, this is not a matter of Proper or Left or Democratic/Republican.

This is frequent sense,” he began. “It does not make sense for grown grownup males — strangers — to be alone in a restroom with a little girl.” “And this is the height of political correctness,” Cruz added. “And frankly the concern is not the Caitlyn Jenners of the globe. But if the law is this kind of that any man if he feels like it can go in a women’s restroom and you can’t request him to depart, that opens the door for predators.” The Texas senator noted that he invested a lot of many years in law enforcement, in the course of which he came across several situations of little one predators. “But I really do not think that is what the law is,” Tapper explained. Tapper argued that these “bathroom bills” only secure the rights of transgender folks who “identify as female,” not heterosexual guys or kid predators. “But the law doesn’t specify transgender,” Cruz mentioned. “It’s just no matter what you truly feel like at the offered second.”