Kylie Jenner uses model who looks DOUBLE of Angelina Jolie for lip gloss advert

Kylie Jenner has thrust a model who seems to be the spitting image of Angelina Jolie proper into the limelight.

That’s following the actuality star signed up gorgeous Mara Teigen, who let’s just say bares far more than a slight resemblance to Angelina, to promote her lip gloss line.

Mara, 21, stars in the extended industrial for Kylie Cosmetics which dropped a few weeks back on YouTube. The advert is not even one month previous however and currently it’s managed to rake in practically eight million views on the internet site.

You never need to have to watch it for extended to see that Mara is the red scorching double of Angelina.

From her thick brunette tresses to her plump lips, there is a record of ways that the pair seem remarkably alike. The video has been viewed more than seven million instances The similarities have currently got men and women debating regardless of whether Mara could probably be the sexiest doppelganger of all time.

Of course any comparisons to Angelina is sufficient to put anyone on the path to stardom. But Mara already seems to be carrying out a pretty good of creating a title for herself in the modelling market anyway. In accordance to Pop Sugar, she’s worked with well-known brands this kind of as Milani Cosmetics and Frankie’s Bikinis in the previous. She’s even began developing a fan base and already boasts an remarkable 574,000 followers on Instagram. Unsurprisingly a good deal of those people invest their days telling Mara how significantly she resembles Angelina. When it comes to versions, Kylie certain knows how to pick them. The teen is not the only member of her household who’s been inspired by Angelina either. Final 12 months dad Caitlyn uncovered that she desired to have a wardrobe that matched that of Brad Pitt’s wife. Speaking on I Am Cait, she mentioned: “I just love her search. Extremely casual, very elegant, chic.” The 66-year-old even enlisted the support of Angelina’s stylist Jen Rade to help her get prepared for the ESPY Awards.